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Benefits of Chemical Automation

Operating a swimming pool, spa, or water feature without an automated controller is analogous to running your home’s heating system without a thermostat. Constantly turning your furnace on and off manually would simply be unthinkable, yet the majority of swimming pool and spa operators control their water chemistry in this same fashion. Water balance oscillates between “under feed” and “over feed” as operators attempt to maintain chemistry control in conjunction with other work activities. As a consequence, unsafe water conditions, chloramine formation, and excessive organic loading are common occurrences.

A conscientious facility operator typically checks and adjusts pool or spa water chemistry hourly. A CAT automated controller continuously samples pH and sanitizer activity, constantly adjusting the feeding of chemicals on a basis proportional to the demand. The results include elimination of “human error,” accurate and reliable maintenance of chemical levels 24 hours a day, compliance with health department chemistry standards, reduced burden on operating staff, and a reduction of chemical usage and costs. Enter CAT 2000 automated controllers.


CAT 2000 Automated Controller

The CAT 2000 automated controller is the water quality solution for pools, spas, and a multitude of other water treatments applications used around the world. The power microprocessor-based design makes simple science of water chemistry maintenance under even the most challenging conditions. CAT 2000 constantly monitors pH and sanitizer activity and implements chemical dosing in proportion to the demand. Its proportional feed capabilities ensure precise water conditioning without overfeeding.

And, for superior bacteriological water quality, CAT controllers operate using the Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) method of water analysis. ORP is the only reliable method proven to ensure rapid deactivation of such waterborne pathogens, such as E. Coli, in spa and swimming pool water.

With the power to meet the demands of virtually any application, CAT 2000 is priced to please the fiscally conscious, while its simplicity ensures success in the field. CAT 2000 is your “no-compromise” solution to your water chemistry control requirements.

Ever Consider Upgrading Your Pool System?

Energy costs are rising! Let us help you save money for the long term!

Ecotech EZ Variable-Speed Motor/Control by Emerson

This is an innovative technology that gives you a timer-controlled motor. Not only can you program its running operation, but you can adjust your pumps various flow speeds. This motor can be adapted to almost any pump housing. Another way you can control your energy usage.

IntelliFlo High-Performance Pump

The IntelliFlo high-performance pump is a complete pump that offers all the same benefits as the Ecotech EZ, but comes as a complete unit ready to install.

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