Liners, Covers, Heaters & More for Your Pool in Burlington

If it keeps your pool running, the skilled technicians at Pleasure World Pool Service in Burlington can install it! We provide the installation of a wide range of parts that keep your pool clean and running efficiently, including:

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Update Your Pool with a Brand New Liner, Burlington

It’s a sad fact of life that nothing lasts forever. If your once-pristine pool is starting to look its age then maybe it’s time to replace the liner. At Pleasure World Pool Service we have a massive selection of custom safety liners to choose from. We have liners available in a wide variety of patterns from understated to funky—and everywhere in-between. If you suspect your liner is leaking we can carry out a detailed inspection and can repair or replace your damaged liner.

Stay Safe with Pool Covers

While everybody loves to paddle, splash, swim and just have fun in pools—safety remains the number one priority at Pleasure World Pool Service. Our safety covers help to keep you and your family safe when your pool is not in use and we offer a variety of covers for different types of pools.

Some like It Hot: Call Us for Water Heaters

One of the major benefits of owning your own pool is convenience. When you fancy a dip, all you have to do is hop into your bathing suit and into the pool! Nothing is better than lounging in the pool or the hot tub on those lazy summer nights. But just because the temperature drops, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your pool. Get the best out of your pool or tub with a new high-efficiency heater from Pleasure World Pool Service in Burlington. We have a massive range to choose from in a variety of sizes and outputs. No matter how big or small your pool, we have a heater that will keep the water nice and cosy. Call us today for a quote on prices and installation. All of our gas lines for gas heaters and heat pumps are installed by licenced technicians.

Keep Your Pool and Tub in Tip-Top Condition

Nobody wants to dip their toes in a grimy pool. Keeping your pool clean is vital not just for appearance, but also for health and safety. Warm water that is left untreated can become a breeding ground for all types of swamp creatures, bacteria, fungus and pathogens. Make sure your tub and pool stays clean and inviting with regular sanitizing. We stock a great range of sanitizers including stabilized chlorine pucks, detergents, and much more.

Call Us for Pool and Tub Servicing in Burlington

One of the great things about hot tubs is the anticipation. After a long day at work we all look forward to getting home, grabbing a drink, and chilling in the tub. Nobody wants the disappointment of turning on the tub to find that nothing is happening. Fortunately, the team at Pleasure World Pool Service are experts in diagnosing and repairing various problems with tubs—especially pumps. We can repair all types of pumps to keep your tub rolling and bubbling away. If your pump is beyond repair don’t worry; we can easily install a brand new one to keep your tub going well into the future.

If you’re experiencing issues with your filter we can help there too. If your filter tank is leaking water or you have dirt coming back into your pool, give us a call. We’ll be there to explain the issue, make recommendations and to fix your problem.


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