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There’s nothing quite like the refreshing and relaxing sensation of slinking into a hot tub or pool. Whether you’re doing lengths to keep fit or are having a party with friends, a swimming pool is a versatile addition to your home. At Pleasure World Sales & Service Ltd we specialize in taking care of your investment; we provide a whole range of services and products to keep your pool and hot tub in great working order. We provide full installation of pool liners and can repair and replace almost any individual part such as pumps, motors, filters, heaters and more.
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Stay Safe with Pool Covers
We also sell and install safety covers, heaters, sanitizers, as well as pool and tub supplies like chlorine pucks. While we do care a lot about safety and hygiene, we like to have fun too; that’s why we sell a neat range of pool toys too! If you suspect that you’ve got a problem with your tub or pool give us a call! We’ll take a look at your problem and offer a reliable solution that won’t break the bank. Call the team at Pleasure World Sales & Service Ltd at our Burlington location today!

Expert Water Analysis
With the latest in water analysis technologies available, our staff will test your pool or hot tub sample and provide detailed instructions and expert advice to balance the chemistry of your water. We sell systems to control your chemicals automatically.
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